LITTLE MISS | Photographs by Scot Sothern

LITTLE MISS | Photographs by Scot Sothern

Photographs by Scot Sothern
Hardcover; Image-wrap 54 pages; 12 x 8 ½ inches,
color/digital 2019 | Limited to an edition of 50 |

ISBN 978-0-578-45513-6

"Little Miss is a seven year-old manikin girl. From 2015 through 2018, I photographed her at home and around Los Angeles. I used and abused Little Miss with my camera, the way men use and abuse women and little girls.

I’m not known for subtle photographs and Little Miss is not shy or demure. She goes cheerily through humiliation and violence and, in spite of her dire predicaments, she maintains a Mona Lisa smile. She is not alone in this brutal world and I wish she could absorb the blows for all the other girls.

With these photographs and words, I want Little Miss to voice the anger of the times. I want her to shout and scream and kick and bite. I want her good nature to instill horror." --Scot Sothern

"This dark view provided by the creator of these narratives depicting social and sexual expectations and transgressions gives us a visual and mental jolt and quite an impetus for thought and discussion. It is my hope that this book, which is a creative approach to a serious set of problems, will generate lively discussions and contribute to desired solutions". --Gerhard Clausing, The PhotoBook Journal