LOOK AT ME | Scot Sothern

LOOK AT ME | Scot Sothern

Photographs and Stories by Scot Sothern
Softcover | 180 pages | 12"x 8.5" | Edition of 50
ISBN 798-1-7361070-2-7.

"Scot Sothern is one of America’s greatest photographers who has spent a lifetime documenting the low-life, low-rent existence of people living on the edge of society. Now he is photographing how people respond to that existence."

"Scot Sothern's Look at Me is a masterpiece of composition; innovative and daring. His use of colour is breathtaking and timeless. And he is a hell of a writer."
--Miron Zownir

"In Look at Me Scot Sothern takes us on a journey through the heart of Hollywood to reveal in image and text a Los Angeles that is unruly, abrasive and tender. Scot uses a performative approach to his documentary work, blurring the distinction between subject and observer to reveal images and text that are faithful to his interactions. In the process, we gain a deeper sensitivity to marginal life at the edges of humanity
--Stacy Kranitz

"Scot Sothern is one of the great originals of photography, a maverick who has always been on his own unique path. His book Streetwalkers was a big influence on me and helped to give me the confidence to explore right at the edges of society, something Scot had been doing for decades. His new book once again is a fresh idea and stands out high above the generic and clichéd images that make up the majority of street photography these days."
--John Bolloten